Survey Findings; What You Had To Say and What We Are Going To Do

Client feed back and responding to customers needs are crucial to the success of any enterprise. It is in the same line of thought, that motivated our first ever evaluation survey of the CGIAR Research Map (a project database of the research carried out by CGIAR centers in Africa) since the inception of the online map in February this year.

The survey was administered to scientist from 13 different CGIAR centers.

Your conclusion; the map is a useful tool for finding out what the CGIAR is doing in Africa that should to be utilised more by the CG centers and  their partners.

The Survey Findings

Major reasons that respondents reported to be using the map for comprised, a. browsing to find out what research is being undertaken, where and by whom, b. see which projects are active in a country, c. look for additional information on previous work done for proposal write up and project reporting, d. look for potential partners, particularly during development of new proposals and, e. populate or update the map with project information

Additional features and comments about the map

In summary they included;

  1. More search-able fields
  2. Map legend
  3. Additional project details including;
    1. Project objectives and activities
    2. Project outputs and achievements
    3. Hot links to projects home page, key publications and other related documents
  4. Research partners institutional email addresses
  5. Highlights on achievements of collaboration
  6. Scientific information needs to be consolidated for more use by NARS. More training modules/ materials and other database could be made available online for our colleagues in the NARS

The Good News
We are at advanced stages in upgrading the existing map and happy to be reporting that the development of this new system is mainly driven by your recommendations in addition to our own quality improvement goals!

What to expect

  1. Powerful search facility based on;
    1. Research areas, which are; Agro-biodversity, Climate Change, Crops, Eco-system management, Fisheries, Forestry and Agroforestry, Land management, Livestock, Market access, Policy and Institution, Seed systems, Soils and Water management
    2. Lead center
    3. Project start and end dates
  2. Additional project details including; projects overview and ‘hot links’ to project homepage and other publications
  3. In addition to the map view there will also be a list view of the projects, making browsing and retrieval of information a much easier and rewarding task
  4. Overall, a richer user interface, including user defined roles that will make you want to spend the whole day on the site 🙂

The new polished map will be ready by mid  December and contributors will be able to add additional and also new information to the map during this period.

Click on this link to visit the map

Down load full report



  1. #1 by Thad Hendrickson on May 27, 2010 - 8:31 pm

    You’ve done it once more. Great article.

  2. #2 by Clifford Matthews on May 30, 2010 - 10:02 pm

    If I had a greenback for each time I came to! Great writing!

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