What, How and Who – CGMap Ongoing Research in Africa

User Fact Sheet
1. What exactly is CGMap Ongoing Research in Africa?
The Map is an online database of research projects being done by the CGIAR centers. In addition to providing project details, the map answers the question: who is doing what, where and with whom?
By having such readily and easily accessible information we are able to foster complementary agricultural research, building network and collective responses to complex challenges that a single project could not address.

2.  Who is the Map for and how can it be used?
·  Scientists, to find out what others are doing in their particular field of interest, collaborate and network with other colleagues, increase visibility of their work etc.
·  Donors, to see the full range of research that is going on and where
·  Agricultural students, to find out about opportunities for research internship
·  Communication specialists, as a research tool

3. What sort of projects are featured in the Map? The projects featured on the Map are: led by a CGIAR center; span a period of one year or more; contribute towards a particular reported Medium Term Plan (MTP) in any of the centers; and take place primarily in Africa

1. Index Based Livestock Insurance: The Marsabit Pilot
2. Programme for Pro-poor Rewards for Environmental Services in Africa

4. How do I search for projects? There are 3 alternate ways to search for information in the map:
1. Browse the map: the main map allows zooming into a particular country of interest
2. View the list: gives the full range of existing projects
3. Select a filter based on research area, lead center, project start and end dates
Once on a project fact sheet, the links allow broadening of the searches by different criteria (names of scientists, tags, types of partners, etc.)

5. How can project contributors include information about their projects on the Map? Contributors are given access to the database where they can enter and update their project information over time and invite colleagues to contribute.
Send a message to Evelyn Katingi, Collective Action in Eastern and Southern Africa at e.katingi@cgiar.org to get started.

A step by step tutorial for contributing information can be found here:

6. What is the difference between the Ongoing Research Map and CGMap?

  • The focus of CGMap and the Ongoing Research Map is different: CGMap contains information about the three-year Medium Term Plans (MTP), the Ongoing Research Map contains information about the research projects through which these Plans are being implemented. Ongoing Research provides information that is not provided in the MTP, in particular: names of scientists (the principal investigator can be contacted), a classification by research areas, names and types of partners, exact timeline of project. This equals a detailed view on the ground of what is going on.
  • The two are related in the sense the MTP projects provide the official umbrellas under which projects in the field are implemented. It’s a conceptual link, not an excerpt from MTP projects.

7. Are there any system requirements for using the Map? Yes, users using Internet Explorer 7 will receive an error when they try load the Map. Users are thus advised to use another browser (Firefox, Chrome) or upgrade to Internet Explorer 8.

Go to the map now; http://ongoing-research.cgiar.org/



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