The story behind CGMap and Ongoing Research in Africa

While the number of projects being added to Ongoing Research in Africa map have been soaring over the last few months, with over 300 projects from most of  the 15 CGIAR Centers now listed and more being added, as well as more and more people visiting the site for numerous reasons, this article aims at improving the clarity on what the map is all about. Being a collaborative effort between the ICT-KM Program of the CGIAR and CGIAR Collective Action in East and Southern Africa, Ongoing Research in Africa map shows one in a rich geographical interface which projects are carried out by the CGIAR in Africa, who is carrying out the projects, together with other key project information.

In her two-part post series Antonella Pastore, the CGXchange project coordinator of ICT-KM looks deeply at the complementarity and difference of CGMap and CGMap Ongoing Research in Africa, the two information management systems supported by ICT-KM.

Just a tip of what she says in her blog articles;

The MTP project (information in CGMaP) is used by the CGIAR to have the research agenda approved and funded by bodies who were in charge of approving plans and budgets. Ongoing Research in Africa map is a place and a way to show what the CGIAR is doing.

While CGMap’s medium-term research plans provide the official umbrellas under which projects in the field are going to be implemented, Ongoing Research contains information about the research projects through which these plans are being implemented. CGMap focuses on Center and Program research plans over three-year terms, and Ongoing Research focuses on who is doing what now, where and with whom.

Read more of this very informative two-part series in the below links;

CGMap and Ongoing Research: what’s up with projects in the CGIAR –

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2



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