Feedback from updates on CGMap Ongoing Research in Africa

One of the challenges in the Ongoing Research map has been convincing scientists on the advantages of updating and sharing information in the map. I recently sent out an update on: awareness creation, database growth, information contribution as well as future development plans, here is some of the feedback received from the map contributors;

• This is very nice indeed. I had not visited the site for some time and am surprised how much it has evolved. Henry Neufeldt, ICRAF

• Just checked out the site and it really is a wealth of information well put together. Andrew Mude, ILRI

• Congratulation for the great job you are doing and for your contribution in bringing together so many different experiences. Carlo Fadda, Bioversity

• Thanks very much. This is useful. James Sackey, IFPRI

• It is indeed a relevant site and well organized with huge information. Negussie Zenna, AfricaRice

• The CG requests more and more work from each project leader but do not provide funds to cover the time necessary to deliver these requests. Christophe Bene, WorldFish

• Thanks for the update. Is it possible to get information on the projects working on ag and health? Delia Grace, ILRI

• Thanks for the update which I find important in keeping me informed on the dynamics of the CGIAR.  Jeremias Mowo, ICRAF

While the challenge still exists, there has been positive feedback on the usability and functions of the map including specific information being sought for.

To go to the Map click here

To read more of the database growth click here

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