FP 3


Conservation and Enhancement of Agricultural Biodiversity for Improved Agricultural Production
The CAADP agenda sees the interaction of three pillars of NRM, policies & institutions (including markets), and adaptive use of germplasm interacting with each other and the fourth pillar of research to deliver accelerated and measurable agricultural development. Collective Action mirrors the CAADP structure and strives through creating interactions between its Flagships on INRM, markets and institutions, genetics and post-crisis recovery to deliver an integrated and synergistic research agenda. This Flagship Program addresses the inadequate and often non-existent interaction between institutions responsible for the conservation of crop/tree/livestock biodiversity and/or those that use genetic resources for enhancement of agricultural production. It will also address the interactions and trade-offs between enhanced and traditional genetic resources within the context of small-farmer’s management systems of such resources at the ‘community’ or ‘landscape’ scale.

This Flagship assumes that poverty reduction will depend both on sustained increases in the productivity of agricultural genetic resources, e.g. through genetic enhancement, and on the conservation of agricultural biodiversity that is so important in ensuring that farmers have fallback positions in the diverse agro-ecological landscapes of the ESA region.

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