Improving Impact of Emergency Response on Agricultural Livelihoods in Highly Stressed and Unstable Environments
The Flagship includes situations where chronic or acute stress prohibits target populations from improving their livelihoods. In the ESA region, seventeen out of 25 countries are in such “crisis situations” due to climate variability, conflict, economic or political instability. The flagship aims to a) Understand the impact of stress on farming systems, seed systems, livestock and social systems; b) Understand the impact of aid on these systems to avoid interventions that exacerbate the consequences of future shocks; c) Help to shape and sequence the responses during emergency, post-emergency and recovery phases and identifying institutional models appropriate in fragile states. Current focal areas: Recovery of agricultural research and livelihood systems in South Sudan, Development of an over-arching framework for research engagement with crisis and relief situations. This involves multiple CGIAR, regional, NARS and international partners.

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